WantoTravel is a startup born in December 2016. The company is created by the operator Eagle Travel and the IPM press group. The goal of the project is to create a 100% online travel agency.


The travel market is threatened by the arrival of the internet and direct distribution through the web. Many new players appear every day offering increasingly structured products. Consumers do their own shopping without going through a specialized agency. The traditional model is questioned. And yet, the world of travel is experiencing strong growth and opens up new opportunities for those who can seize them.


WantoTravel is looking for a solution adapted to its sector where digital is at the heart of the device. The website must be fully integrated with the backoffice to facilitate the management of destinations and the flow of incoming requests.


WantoTravel has chosen the solution Eezee 4 Travel that meets all his objectives. The solution integrates the management of the website and the backoffice. All travel information (destinations, photos, descriptions, prices ...) are centrally managed in the ODOO back office and then published on the website. This management ensures perfect control of operations. All requests for contacts or quotes are automatically integrated into the CRM for immediate follow-up. Quotes are managed in the CRM and available on a URL in a format of a web page. The invoice is generated from the quote.

To ensure the visibility of the site, WantoTravel uses all the tools to make the brand known. SEO optimization, e-marketing campaign, e-mailing and marketing automation tools.


Bets held and goals achieved. The company is operational after only 3 months of installation.  


David Reculez, CEO of WantoTravel: "I have been searching for solutions for our business. I discovered the Eezee 4 Travel solution that meets all our needs to start our operations quickly. The integration between the site and the back office is perfect and ensures consistency. I thank the whole team for its involvement in the project ".  


Denis Steisel, Manager Eezee: "I thank David for his participation in I-Lunch to present his box as an example of successful digital transformation."


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