Business Solutions

A unique opportunity to unleash your business
Digital Marketing & CRM

The customer is at the center of your business. Improve your conversion rate by sending the right communication to the right person at the right time.

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Service Companies
As a service company, your first concern is monitoring the profitability of your projects, increase your billing rate and improve communication with your customers.
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Distribution & Retail

Become a true multichannel distribution company by combining the physical and digital worlds and delivering a rich experience to your customers. 

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Our connectors

Eezee-it, your coach for a successful digital transformation
Lengow Connector

Experience seamless omnichannel management and take full control of your orders with the revolutionary Lengow connector via Odoo

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Klaviyo Connector

Enhance your marketing strategy with Eezee-IT's Klaviyo Connector, seamlessly integrating Odoo's centralized database and Klaviyo's advanced marketing automation platform

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Shopify Connector

Unlock the full potential of your business with the Shopify-Odoo connector with a seamless omnichannel approach that boosts your sales and the customer experience

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Sendcloud Connector

Sendcloud is a logistics platform that Optimalize and simplifies all your shipping processes

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Cegid Connector

Benefit from a financing functionality within your Odoo invoicing

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