« We should contact our customers and prospects more regularly. The will is there, but the implementation remains too tedious. However, there must be a way to automate these processes! "

This is the observation made by the Altius teams who are facing fragmented management systems. As a result, customers' potential is underutilized and communication is unefficient.


Having a system that brings fluidity in the relationship with customers thanks to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to follow the evolution of the customer and to better target his needs.

Reducing costs by improving synchronization of systems with more integrated processes. Today we spend our time copying Excel files from one system to another. With a waste of time and risk of errors.

Ensuring compliance with GDPR legislation and confidentiality.

With the data protection law, Altius is looking for a solution which guarantees the traceability of consents and which is 100% in order with the new legislation in force.

Improving human resource management by streamlining the recruitment flow and managing attendance.


To achieve its objectives, Altius choses Eezee as a partner to support its digital transformation. The main challenge was integration with existing systems, Microsoft Exchange for messaging and DLex software for administrative management of the firm.

The Odoo applications were selected for its ability to meet the expectations of the marketing department and for its openness to external applications.

The system is integrated in real time with external applications via APIs which ensure permanent synchronization. Thanks to Odoo, the firm now has a powerful CRM that brings together information from the website, customer records and information related to messaging. The CRM manages the different stages of qualification and conversion to a client. The campaign and event modules activate customers based on their needs and the legal matters they deal with.
The human resources department has tools to facilitate recruitment via a fully automated process. Job offers are directly published on the internet via the website module and applications are managed in the back-office through the various stages of the process. The system has a communication module that allows automatic sending of messages according to the progress of the case.
Attendance at the office is controlled by a very easy-to-use badging system.


The implementation of an integrated CRM system has boosted the firm's communication dynamics. Today, inviting clients to an event or sending out newsletters has become child's play for the marketing team. In a profession where content plays a key role, Altius has acquired a professional tool to improve its reputation and the relationship with its customers and prospects.


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