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Spontaneous Application

We need your talents!

If you've browsed through our current job listings and find that your dream job isn't among them, don't lose heart! We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who can bring something new and exciting to our team. So, if you believe you have unique skills, a fresh perspective, or innovative ideas that can contribute to our success, we want to hear from you. Don't let the absence of a specific listing hold you back. Submit your unsolicited application here. Who knows? You might just be the perfect fit for a role we didn't even know we needed!

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Eezee, who is it, what is it?

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Eezee assists its clients in their digital transformation to improve the quality of the relationship with their partners. The objective is to support the development of our clients by leveraging the opportunities offered by technological transformation.

Eezee has been a Gold partner of Odoo since 2010. Odoo is an open-source suite of applications with over 4,000 modules and 4 million users. Our ambition: make change "eezee" and build a positive vision of your future.

We implement e-commerce, digital marketing, CRM, and ERP applications. We also perform integrations with external systems.Our main asset is people. We put in every effort to provide a high-quality work environment where trust is central to our values.

Taking pride in completed work is our ambition.

Eezee-it's Offices

HQ - Brabant Wallon
Rue Léon Deladrière 15 - 1300 Limal
Brabant Flamand
Sint Godardusstraat 36 - 1730 Leuven
Résidence Tunis Carthage, 3 ème étage, A17,
Ville Ariana - Borj El Baccouche - ZIP 2027 Tunis
Appartement N° 4 anbar 13 rue Abou Alwaqt Khalaf
Bourgogne - Casablanca
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