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Aquafive distributes pool equipments to industry professionals in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for over 25 years . The Aquafive team advises swimming pool specialists to perform design studies for heating pumps, deshumidification local pools, and water treatment facilities.


Aquafive faces the uberisation in its market with a risk of disintermediation , pressure on margins, price transparency and competition of on-line players. This elements combined with a non growing market leads to declining turnover.

Aquafive intends to react to this situation by launching the Aquafive 2.0 project to modernize the company on several levels.

1. By focusing on service and selling solutions rather than on basic products.

2. By replacing its current management system that no longer meets Aquafive expectations in terms of reliability and flexibility.

Aquafive was looking for a partner to achieve these objectives and accompany its digital transformation.


Aquafive called on Eezee-it expertise to accelerate its digital transformation. Helping clients to re- invent new business models adapted to the new digital economy .

Eezee-it draw a new and more effective sales flow for Aquafive, so that it’s easier to maintain and Aquafive can get more results for less effort. This flow is entirely paperless which decrease the time spent on administrative tasks.

Eezee-it implemented the following modules: CRM, Sales, Purchases, Repair, Inventory and accounting.

Aquafive also benefits from new reports which increase their performance in their daily management. No performance without measures. This is a belief Eezee-it put into place at Aquafive.


The customer experience is now simplified and enables Aquafive to maintain easily what really matters: their core business.


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  • CRM

  • Sales

  • Accounting

  • Inventory

  • Purchase

  • Marketing Automation

  • Repair

  • Email Marketing

  • Employees


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