BRUGEL is the Brussels Regulatory Commission for the gas and electricity markets. Created on 1 January 2007, BRUGEL regulates and monitors the energy market of the Brussels-Capital Region. BRUGEL ensures that the distribution network is efficient, accessible and reliable for consumers and producers. 


BRUGEL is committed to safe market operation, intelligent network and vigilant consumer protection. As a regulator, we provide advice to the Government and Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region and work in good cooperation with all stakeholders in the energy market. As part of its mission, BRUGEL has an information commitment to the public. Several publications are produced for consumers and industry players. BRUGEL is looking for a tool that facilitates the publication of content on BRUGEL's digital platform. This platform must be integrated into a document management tool that manages publications. The tool must allow a search by keyword or thematic. It must also facilitate the management of contacts and ensure the sending of newsletters to interested persons.


The selected solution to meet these challenges is the ODOO platform, which offers a complete suite of modules for communication staff in an increasingly digital world.

The system offers a CMS solution that manages content dynamically and in multiple languages. The CMS uses the concept of templating that allows the user to build his site section by section as a game of lego. No technical knowledge is necessary to create new pages or modify the content, which gives complete autonomy to the managers of the website and makes it possible to speed up the updating of the content. The site is linked with the CRM for all contact requests or information. When registering for the newsletter, the person is registered in the CRM. It is integrated with the mail campaign platform to facilitate the production and sending of newsletters.


With this new application, BRUGEL has improved communication with its target audience. Thanks to an integrated CMS with the document management, the publications are directly accessible on the site without having to copy - paste with the risk of error that it generates.

BRUGEL saves valuable time for updating information on the site. For example, news, publications, regulations and security measures are published independently by BRUGEL's internal services.

BRUGEL improves its notoriety by ensuring a better follow-up of the requests with a CRM connected to the site.

Adeline Moerenhout: "Thanks to Eezee-it's multidisciplinary teams, the project went very well both front end and back end with the integration with our document management platform".


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