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Embracing change and turning digital

transformation into a real opportunity for companies

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Eezee-it, digital transformation expert

In a fast-evolving technology world, we must admit it's not always easy to keep up with the now famous digital transformation. But what is behind these two big words? 

Digital transformation is for us, the ability to transform companies and make them more efficient through the use of new technologies. Digital transformation should be embraced not only by leaders, but by the whole company. Digital transformation is about changing habits. 

@ Eezee-it, we help you through this change management by

  • involving your employees from the start of the project. Your team is part of the solution;

  • helping you adapt your business model to the market evolution;

  • defining the new competencies you need to master internally;

  • finding appropriate tools for your business requirements

Going digital: subsidies in Belgium

In Wallonia:

Since 2017, a new subsidies system is born in Wallonia to help SME's with their digital transformation.

The good news is that we are a certified partner to work with you on your Digital Transformation.

You can find all the information on or you can contact us to have more information.

In Flanders:

The SME portfolio (KMO-Portefeuille) is a subsidy measure that gives you - as an entrepreneur - financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your company. Specifically, these are training courses and advice, ex. drawing up a communication plan for your company. The SME portfolio wants to be accessible to as many companies as possible. That is why they make it easy to register and submit subsidy requests.

Subsidies-financiering: KMO-portefeuille or contact us for more information

In Brussels:

For subsidies in Brussels, you can get all the information you need on You can get up to 50% of your project funded. Again, do not hesitate in contacting us for help on this topic.