“Transform a functioning business into a successful business.”

This is the mission of the company Es Sense which supports its customers in a growth dynamic.

Es Sense organizes large audience events (the keys to success) and organizes individual training to business leaders.
More than a service company, Es Sense is above all a mind turned towards a winning mentality.


With the success encountered, Es Sense has become a rapidly growing scale up. Moving from a B2B model to a B2C model, transaction volumes are increasing. The multiple applications implemented are no longer sufficient to manage a situation that becomes chaotic. The Excel lists make the link between the different applications causing numerous manipulations and errors. The processes are becoming more and more complex with the diversity of offers and the different markets that the company addresses (Belgium, France, Morocco).

Sales made during the events are recorded on paper and must be re-encoded in the back end system.

The situation is not sustainable and slows down the growth of the company.


The solution must offer an integrated solution between the front end (on-line ticketing) and the back end to ensure an ordering and billing process that is completely fluid. Given the B2C approach, ticket booking must be very intuitive and follow-up of registrations must be automatic with the sending of confirmation emails.

Given the size of the events, the entries are controlled via badges with barcode readers. The system must offer a web-app to enter sales directly on the event site.

Based on these needs, the company chose the Odoo applications for its integration and Eezee as the integrator for its expertise with front end development.

The main challenge is the integration between front and back end which is very powerful with Odoo. Eezee's experience in odoo's front end applications has convinced Es sense.


In less than 3 months, Es Sense launched its main event (Clefs du succès) with the new Odoo app. Today + 90% of tickets are sold through online ticketing or via the web app during events. The invoicing process is integrated with the accounting system and the payments are directly reconciled. The customer can follow their registration on their portal. 

And Es Sense can pursue its growth.


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