CompanyWriters is a translation and communication agency with a team of international, dedicated and well-trained language specialists. They serve small, medium and large businesses, as well as institutional clients.


CompanyWriters was lacking a customer relationship management system, which jeopardizes dramatically its growth and its future. There was no consolidated reporting on leads, nor integration with the billing system. The situation leads to commercial inefficiency, lost opportunities and administrative overload. 

The company was unable to measure their performance due to the absence of any kind of reporting system. To overcome this issue, CompanyWriters was looking for a CRM and a invoicing system that they could use in different languages. 


Their new CRM is the heart of their company information system.  

It is the place where they manage all types of contacts like clients, prospects, journalists or politicians. They now have a consolidated view on their 4,500 contacts and they can sort them by groups, by languages and by any other kinds of criterias. This database facilitates their communication towards customers and make it possible to share content using email campaigns. 

Secondly, they use their CRM to manage their contributors. They register their CV’s, dedicated team they belong to, etc. 

Last but not least, they can take advantage of a performing reporting. They can for example see which service is used most by customers, which clients are returning, etc.


CompanyWriters wants to put the customer at the heart of their business. This new system clearly supports their strategy and is real advantage for the future.

The integrated CRM together with the invoicing system helps CompanyWriters to work faster which has great impact on their productivity and costs.

They now better communicate with their customers which increases their customer loyalty level. 

Bernadette Pâques : “The relationship with Eezee-it team has been very productive and professional. They help us to migrate our data and to set up the processes fitting our organisation. It’s a pleasure to work with Eezee-it people and it’s a joy to use the system on a daily basis.“


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