2bridge is a team of scientists working in several disciplines. R&D consultancy, project leadership, support for scientific and regulatory texts and due diligence services. Their expertise ranges from drug research, pre-clinical, product (CM & C) to clinical development, life cycle registration and management. 2bridge distinguishes itself from other services by working together intensively and connecting experts. This accelerates scientific observations in pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, product functionality and product quality.


2bridge did not have a central system where projects, tasks and time registration were linked. Each month it was hours of work to find out what the team of 30 people had done, at which client and for how many hours. There was also a lack of insight into the profitability of a project or a customer and there was a lot of back-and-forth communication to find out which employee was available for a new job, when and for how long.


At 2bridge the focus was on the standard Odoo Project and Timesheets modules. Where a project already starts in the quotation phase, after approval by the customer a project is automatically generated in Odoo. Employees can then start registering their hours and expenses.


The integrated solution of expenses, time registration, tasks, projects and invoicing gives the management a clear view on which projects and tasks require the most effort and which projects and customers are profitable.


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